AGI Fencing

Providing Colorado HOA’s and Metro districts with durable, naturally beautiful Copperwood fences for over 44 years.

Copperwood fence comes with 25 year warranty

Our clients

We specialize in meeting the project scope, budgetary requirements and product longevity needs of:

  • Colorado Homeowners Associations
  • Metropolitan Districts
  • Management Companies


AGI Fencing Services

We are the exclusive dealer of Copperwood in Colorado for over 25 years. Our services include:

• Free onsite evaluations and estimates
• Customized fence design
• Fence installation & replacement
• Fine tuned project management


Many reasons for choosing Copperwood fence:

  • 43% stronger than cedar
  • Long lasting and beautiful
  • Safe for humans, pets and plants
  • Comes with 25 year warranty
  • Economically viable
  • Environmentally sound

Strong, lasting and naturally beautiful fencing

Your smart choice

We take what seems like a daunting replacement project and make it painless. The AGI team has been replacing fences since the 1970’s. We have streamlined the process to prevent your phones from ringing and to keep residents happy. We break the project into manageable phases, notify residents, and ensure all concerns are resolved.




“The Board was bracing themselves for all sorts of nightmares with this fence replacement project, like no other project we have undertaken as a Community. And our fears just turned out to be totally unwarranted! Your company handled everything. Even though we have a great Management Company all of our Board Members thought their phones were going to be ringing from the Homeowners once their fences came down, and not one call to any of us about problems and concerns or to the Management Company either throughout the entire project! And there was not one single surprise relating to added costs.”