AGI Fencing

Your Colorado source for the durable, natural beauty of Copperwood fences.

Copperwood fence comes with 25 year warranty

Why we prefer to use Copperwood

Except in rare cases AGI Fencing no longer chooses cedar, composites or vinyl materials for construction. Here are some of the reasons:

Designs that can be adapted to any terrain

We truly stand by our commitment to providing our customers with a variety of style choices that can be adapted to any terrain or adverse site challenge (including the dirt and landscape materials that inevitably gets retained by the fence). To honor that commitment, Copperwood is the only choice for perimeter replacements.

Low maintenance and durability

We are committed to providing our customers with a finished product that will give them a return on their investment over the long haul. We feel Copperwood blows other options out of the water in this regard. Yes, there will be times over the life of a fence where stain needs to be refreshed. But if done right, using the right products and application procedures, this is needed a lot less frequently than most think.

The constant of wood material

Man made fence products come and go, while wood is the one constant. The fence industry is a place where innovation after innovation has come with great promise, only to later fade. After a time out of the testing lab and in Colorado’s sun and extreme temperature changes, many of the products fail and fade through lawsuits. Vinyl and composite suppliers get purchased. Through consolidations, colors and styles are discontinued. The perimeter fence around a community, with a man made product and it’s amazing warranty, does not feel like a good investment when it gets hit by a car, or a tree branch falls on it, and that particular color or style is no longer available at any price. The patches become what people see, not the warranty.