AGI Fencing

You want a fence that will long outlast your term on the Board of Directors for your HOA? Copperwood is your answer.

Copperwood fence comes with 25 year warranty

Copperwood, the safe choice because…

Except in rare cases, AGI Fencing no longer chooses cedar, composites or vinyl materials for construction. Instead, most AGI customers choose our Copperwood fences because they are exceptional in their durability, versatility and longevity.

25 year Warranty

Ozark Timber, our Copperwood supplier, provides a 25 year Limited Warranty that covers any components that fail due to decay or insects. Any failed component is delivered AND the cost of the installation of the warrantied materials are paid by Ozark Timber!

Exceptional Durability

A more durable fence saves you money and headache on maintenance in the long run. Copperwood is stronger and more resistant to wind loads when compared to other woods, such as Cedar. The yielding strength of a Cedar 6×6 is 15,250 in-lb. Copperwood/Southern Pine has the yielding strength of 27,036 in-lb. We also install dimensional timber that has been approved for ground contact and use additional supports to ensure that your fence lasts even if residents put dirt and landscape up against it.

Environmentally sound

The preservative used (copper naphthenate) is non-hazardous and safe for humans, animals and the environment. It is arguably one of the safest and greenest wood pressure treatment chemicals. In fact it is currently used in greenhouses, beehives and animal troughs. And it is sustainably harvested in the United States. Read more about the environmental impact.

Certified for ground contact

ASTM standards recommend Western Red Cedar due to it’s inherent resistance to rot. However, much of the Cedar used in the construction of fencing in today’s marketplace is a mixture of species and do not meet the ASTM Standards for ground contact. This greatly reduces the life of a new Cedar fence. So if you are planning to replace a worn out Cedar fence with a new Cedar fence, you can expect the serviceable life of the new Cedar fence to be much less than the one it replaces.

A long term solution

Man made fence products come and go, while wood is the one constant. Innovation has come with great promise, only to later fade. After a time out of the testing lab and in Colorado’s sun and extreme temperature changes, many of the products fail and fade through lawsuits. Vinyl and composite suppliers get purchased. Through consolidations, colors and styles are discontinued. The perimeter fence around a community, with a man made product and it’s amazing warranty, does not feel like a good investment when it gets hit by a car, or a tree branch falls on it, and that particular color or style is no longer available at any price. The patches become what people see, not the warranty.

Copperwood has been around for over 50 years, and will continue to be around for years to come.

Designs that can be adapted to any terrain

We truly stand by our commitment to providing our customers with a variety of style choices that can be adapted to any terrain or adverse site challenge (including the dirt and landscape materials that inevitably gets retained by the fence). To honor that commitment, Copperwood is the only choice for perimeter replacements.

Copperwood color change: the “Magic” wood

Rather than water being the solution that the preservative is mixed with, Copperwood utilizes an oil that is heated to a very high temperature before it is introduced to the wood fibre. Copperwood comes out of the cylinder very green in color. But once it is installed and exposed to the sun, it beings to change color. The green fades as the look becomes more that of a pre-oiled wood. Left alone it will become more and more of a dark brown and someday a silvery grey, much like a weathered Cedar appearance.

Although we have had Homeowner Associations, responding to the requests of the residents, leave the fence natural for a time, we suggest the fence eventually be stained to maintain a uniform color.